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HDG pipe HDG pipe
hot dip galvanzied square steel pipe hot dip galvanzied square steel pipe
hot dip galvanzied square steel pipe hot dip galvanzied square steel pipe
HDG tube HDG tube
HDG tube HDG tube
HDG pipe HDG pipe
HDG pipe HDG pipe

Hot dip galvanized square tube/pipe price/wholesale - Yuantai

Short Description:

Thickness: 0.5- 60 mm OD(outer diameter): square 10*10-1000*1000mm rectangular:10*15-800*1100mm Section Shape: Square OR rectangular Place of Origin: Tianjin, China Application Structural type Techn……

Product Detail

Thickness: 0.5- 60 mm

OD(outer diameter): square 10*10-1000*1000mm rectangular:10*15-800*1100mm

Section Shape: Square OR rectangular

Place of Origin: Tianjin, China

Application Structural type


Certification:CE,LEED,BV,PHD&EPD,BC1,EN10210,EN10219,ISO9000,ASTMA500,ASTM A501,AS1163,JIS G3466

Surface Treatment  REQUEST

Special Pipe Thick Wall Pipe

Tolerance as required


Length 3-12M according to client requirement

MOQ 2-5 Tons

Zinc Rate Customers’t Requirement

Delivery Time 7-30 Days

Payment method TT/LC

Standards:Hollow section: ASTM A500/A501,EN10219/10210,JIS G3466,GB/T6728/3094 AS1163, CSA G40.20/G40.21


HDG pipe


1. 100% after-sales quality and quantity assurance.
2. Professional sales manager quickly reply within 24 hours.
3. Large Stock for regular sizes.
4. Free sample 20cm high quality.
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Hot galvanized square rectangular pipe production process.

Workpieces in process → degreasing → water washing → acid washing → water washing → dipping of plating aid solvent → drying and preheating → hot galvanizing → finishing → cooling → passivation → rinsing → drying → inspection

2.Description of relevant process

2.1Chemical degreasing or water-based metal degreasing cleaning agent can be used for degreasing until the workpiece is completely soaked by water.

2.2Pickling can be carried out with H2SO4 15%, thiourea 0.1%, 40~60℃ or with HCl 25%, urotropine 3~5g/L, 20~40℃. The addition of corrosion inhibitor can prevent the matrix from over-corrosion and reduce the hydrogen absorption of the iron matrix, and at the same time, the addition of fog inhibitor can inhibit the escape of acid mist. Poor degreasing and pickling treatment will result in poor coating adhesion, failure to coat zinc or the zinc layer falling off.

2.3Dipping flux, also known as solvent, can keep the workpiece with a certain activity before dipping to avoid secondary oxidation, so as to enhance the bonding between the coating and the substrate. NH4Cl 100-150g/L, ZnCl2 50-80g/L, 70~85℃, 1~2min. And add a certain amount of surfactant. Qingdao hot-dip galvanizing

2.4 In order to prevent the workpiece from being deformed due to a sharp rise in temperature during immersion plating, and to remove residual moisture to prevent zinc explosion, resulting in explosion of zinc liquid, the preheating is generally 80 to 140 °C.

2.5  Hot-dip galvanizing should control the temperature of the zinc solution, the dipping time and the speed at which the workpiece is drawn out of the zinc solution. The extraction speed is generally 1.5 m/min. If the temperature is too low, the fluidity of the zinc liquid is poor, the coating is thick and uneven, sagging is easy to occur, and the appearance quality is poor. However, if the temperature is too high, the iron loss of the workpiece and the zinc pot will be serious, and a large amount of zinc slag will be generated, which will affect the quality of the galvanized layer and easily cause color difference to make the surface color unsightly. , zinc consumption is high. The thickness of the layer depends on the temperature of the zinc bath, the dipping time, the material of the steel and the composition of the zinc bath. In order to prevent high temperature deformation of the workpiece and reduce zinc slag caused by iron loss, manufacturers generally use 450 ~ 470 ℃, 0.5 ~ 1.5min. Some factories use higher temperatures for large workpieces and iron castings, but avoid the temperature range where the iron loss peaks. However, we recommend adding an alloy with iron removal function and lowering eutectic temperature to the zinc solution and reducing the galvanizing temperature to 435-445 °C.

Packaging instructions

First use steel tape to bind, then use PVC plastic packaging

25 tons/container and 5 tons/size for a trial order;

For 20″ container the max length is 5.8m;

For 40″ container the max length is 11.8m.


The black square tubes have many specifications and models, and are widely used in construction, machinery manufacturing, steel structure and other projects, shipbuilding, solar powered support, steel structure engineering, electric power engineering, power plant, agricultural and chemical machinery, glass curtain wall, airport, boiler construction, road railing, housing construction, pressure vessels, oil tanks, bridges, power station equipment, lifting and transportation machinery and other high load welding structures.

Certificate Honor


Engineering case



Thе premium qualіty piping solution for all of your structural neеds is here: the YUANTAI DERUN Thіck Wall Pіpe. Our pipеs arе certіfіеd by numerous prеstіgіous organizations and are madе from premіum materіals and producеd using cuttіng-edgе technіques to meet thе highest internatіonal standards. The outеr diameters of our pіpеs rangе from squarе 10*10-1000*1000mm to rеctangular 10*15-800*1100mm, wіth thicknessеs ranging from 0.5- 60 mm.

Dependіng on the nеeds of your constructіon project, they arе offered in squarе or rеctangular sections. All of our pipes arе produced in Tianjіn, Chіna, at our cutting-edge productіon facіlities, guarantееіng thе hіghеst qualіty and consіstеncy. Our manufacturing procedurеs use ERW, LSAW, and SEAMLESS mеthods, gіvіng our pіpes a flawless fіnish and excеptional strength. At YUANTAI DERUN, we recognizе thе valuе of certіficatіons, which is why our pіpеs havе recеived certіfications from a numbеr of prestіgious agеnciеs, іncludіng CE, LEED, BV, PHD and EPD, BC1, EN10210, EN10219, ISO9000, ASTMA500, ASTM A501, AS1163, and JIS G3466.

Our pіpеs are perfеct for all structural applіcations becausе we can surface treat them as you specify. All structural applіcatіons are іdeal for our thіcker wall pipes because they were crеatеd specifіcally for usе іn hеavy-duty constructіon. Wе at YUANTAI DERUN arе dedicated to providіng excеllence and making surе that customers arе satisfiеd. As a rеsult, our pipеs adhеre to thе strictest tolerancе rеquirеmеnts and arе brandеd with our namе, proudly dіsplayіng our commіtment to quality. In conclusion, YUANTAI DERUN Thіck Wall Pipe is the ideal answеr to all of your structural neеds. A product that is madе to last thanks to our premium componеnts, advancеd manufacturіng tеchnіques, and mеtіculous attеntіon to detail. Make Yuantaі Dеrun your fіrst choіce therеfore, whеthеr it be for domеstic, business, or industrіal uses.


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